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International Education Institute for Study and Research of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Training of specialists for foreign countries

7 steps
to admission

Check the applicant's document

Conducted by the Selection Board.

If you want to enter the Preparatory Department or apply for the first year of studies? you are required to submit a copy of your certificate of complete general secondary education and a copy of your passport.


Obtaining an invitation to study in Ukraine

Issued by the Invitation Service.

Submission of documents

Documents are accepted by the Admission Committee according to the list.

Entrance examinations

Designated by the Admission Committee in accordance with the field of study and the language of instruction choosen by you. Upon successful examination, you are required to conclude an aducation contract and make payment.

Registration for residence in Ukraine

To stay in Ukraine during the period of study, you are required to apply for a temporary residence permit. Please visit the passport service to do so.

Legalization of documents of previous education

You need to undergo the procedure of recognition of your documents on previous education.Assistants in undergoing this procedure can be rendered by the Nostrification Service.

Accomodation in a hostel

During the period of study, you are entitled to accomodation in University hostels, if needed. In this case, please contact the Accomodation Service.

List of documents for
receiving an invitation

List of documents for receiving an invitation for foreigners

Send request for invitation
  • Copy of your passport
  • Translation of the passport into Ukrainian with the stamp of the Translation Bureau
  • Copy of a document on previous education with grades: school certificate for applicants for 1 course, academic transcript for applicants for senior courses
  • Translation of a document on previous education (unless it is in Russian or English)
  • Consent to the processing of personal data
  • Completed application for an invitation
  • After receiving a recommendation to issue an invitation, you should pay for its issuance
  • All of the above documents in scanned form

Documents for Ukrainian visa receiving

Check the need and conditions for obtaining a study visa at the Consular offices of Ukraine in your country.

Embassies of Ukraine abroad

Documents for
admission to study

List of documents required for admission to study for foreigners

Send request for invitation
  • Application form
  • An invitation to study from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, issued by the Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin
  • A copy of an international passport with a valid D-type visa stamped by the Passport department of Karazin University
  • Notarized translation of the passport into Ukrainian
  • The original document on secondary education and an annex to it with grades and notary-certified translations of these documents into Ukrainian
  • A document of previous education (school certificate, academic transcript or bachelor's degree) officially certified in the country of origin
  • Medical certificate issued by the medical service of Karazin University
  • A copy of a valid insurance policy
  • Photos 3x4 - 4 pieces
  • Original academic transcript is required for transfer or restoration

Application for invitation

You need to fill out the form in English or Ukrainian

1. Personal data
2. Specialization
3. Documents
1. Personal data
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2. Specialization
Language of study
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3. Documents

Upload the documents

Images should capture the entire document and be clear.
The maximum size is 10 MB, no more than 1200x1200px. Formats: jpg, png, pdf, tiff.


Your application has been successfully sent

The confirmation of the application will be sent to your E-mail. Check your SPAM folder! Our specialist will contact you if we have any questions regarding the application, in other cases the information is sent to your email address.